Who are we?

Bouriane: A dream-area between the rivers Lot and Dordogne with the characteristics of the Quercy and the Perigord. The Bouriane is the north-west Region in the Lot department, bordering the south-east Drodogne department

Time seems to have had no effect on the Bouriane area. Pittoresque villages are spread over the countrysideconsisting of vast stretches of woodland and authentic farmland. The houses in the well-known Quercy style, often with a characteristic pigeon tower, look timeless in their soft yellow hue. Miles apart from each other the hamlets, villages and small towns have been like this for ages. The regional policy aims at preserving the valuable countryside as much as possible. The local people are like the country itself: warm, hospitable and friendly. At about 9 hours from Calais and a good hour from Bergerac Airport you will find an oasis of quietness and space. The nights are really dark with only the moon and stars high above. In spring the nightingales will do free concerts night after night. In the daytime the warm, almost Mediterranean, sun is very often there to make your days pleasant. With a short, sometimes cold, winter, a long warm spring, a hot summer and a long warm autumn you'll enjoy the real country life for about 9 months a year outside your house!! Without the noises of nearby motorways, trains, planes etc people in the Bouriane enjoys the rare values of silence and darkness. The 21st century seems far away. Watching BBC world (which of course all British immigrants do!) is watching a very familiar but yet also distant world, where tomorrow is always very different from today. It is great fun (especially for me, being Dutch) to be in the local pub to watch rugby matches with a mixed French & British audience!! English and French are very much related as languages.

However, the pronunciation and grammar are distinctivelydifferent. The local population is used to English people integrating into their country and as a rule they are very open and helpful. Being Neighbors means helping each other out whenever needed in the French countryside. Do come over to see for yourself en let yourself be surprised by so much beauty and space!!

Martin Smulders, Estate Agent